November 2018

The number of students under the Zipatso Academy Scholarship program has grown this academic year. Three boys and three girls have joined the scholarship community. Zipatso Academy offers bright but needy students an opportunity to access high quality education. The program rolled out in 2014 and it is expected that once it is fully operational, twenty-five students will be benefitting each academic year.     


October 2018

A sanitation project has been launched at Zipatso Academy with the aim of ensuring that the surroundings are always clean. The project, which targets both students and the teaching staff (together with their families), will involve the construction of extra trash bins, civic education sessions and holding of clean-up days. Despite emerging top of a clean school competition two years ago, Zipatso is not spared of the general trash problem facing most societies. It is hoped that after successfully implementing the project, the school will act as a model to other schools and communities.


October 2018

For the fourth year running, Zipatso Academy maintained 100% pass rate during the 2018 Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations. The school was among the only 12 schools to achieve this feat nationwide. The government of Malawi administers the national examinations through Malawi National Examinations Board to over 95% of the schools in the country. What is more interesting this year is the fact that Zipatso was ranked the 7th best performer at national level.    


June 2018

For the first time in the history of the school, students from Zipatso Academy visited and distributed assorted items to patients at Salima District Hospital. This was part of the charity program dubbed Social Responsibility which takes place every term at the schools. The program requires the students to contribute in cash and kind and take the collective contributions to identified beneficiaries. The idea is to inculcate a spirit of giving in the students. In the past few years, the beneficiaries have mostly included the needy and elderly. This time around, however, the students decided to visit the hospital.     


May 2018

A group of students have come together and formed a dancing group under the guidance of Mr. Z Kashoni, who is also the school's Headmaster. The aim of the group, according to Mr. Kashoni, is to give the students an opportunity to engage in a wide range of extra curricula activities. This adds to the existing clubs and societies at the school which include Drama, Debate, Science, Writers, among others.

Susanne Schaer Award

March 2018

Susanne Schaer launches the «Susanne Schaer Award» for the female student who finishes with the best performances in the MSCE national exams at Zipatso. The award is worth $1000 and is used as part of tuition fee for tertiary education.


October 2017

So, who are the three beneficiaries of this year’s vonRoll Scholarship for Bright Students? Wonani Kumwenda scooped 14 points and came first in this year’s national examinations. He, therefore, gets the first prize of $2500 contribution towards tuition fees for his tertiary education. On the second position is Emmanuel Ndasowa with 16 points and he gets the $1500 prize. The third prize goes to Twaha Lamba who scooped 19 points. Twaha will receive a $1000 contribution. The scholarship is aimed at encouraging Zipatso Academy students to work hard especially as they prepare for their national examinations.


September 2017

The beginning of the 2017/2018 academic year has witnessed an increase in the number of students under scholarship. Five students have joined Zipatso Academy in Form 1, taking the total number of students under the Zipatso Academy Scholarship programme to 11. The scholarship is provided to 5 new students every year, with the beneficiaries receiving free secondary education. The aim is to provide quality education even to those who cannot afford it. Students from poor families from two primary education zones — one in Salima, the other in Lilongwe — compete by writing an aptitude test and the best performers are taken on board.  The number is expected to increase further in the next academic year.


August 2017

Swiss based business tycoon, Jürg Brand, launched the «vonRoll Scholarship for Bright Students» on 7th August, 2017 at Zipatso Academy, in Salima, Malawi. The annual scholarship, worth $5000, will target three top performers at Malawi national examinations and will be used as part of tuition fees for their tertiary education. During the launch, Mr Brand said he expected that the funds are going to assist prospective beneficiaries in achieving their goals. He also asked the prospective beneficiaries to remember to give something back to Zipatso Academy in future. On his part, founder of Zipatso Academy, Martin Schaer, thanked Mr Brand for the great support he renders to the school. 


February 2017

About two hundred and forty (240) trees of different species have been planted at Zipatso Academy by the school’s wildlife club members. Under the guidance of Ms Bernadetta Zimba, who is doing her teaching practice at the school, students came out in numbers for the exercise. According to Ms Zimba, the exercise is aimed at supporting efforts that go towards reducing effects of climate change. She said involving the students is crucial as it will empower them to carry out similar even when they graduate from the school. This was one of the key activities the club lined up for the current school term. Among other activities, the club will also hold a ‘Keep Clean’ campaign that will be aimed at ensuring that surroundings at the school are always kept clean.


January 2017

After a five months’ stay at Zipatso Academy, five Form 1 students who are under scholarship have expressed general satisfaction with the way the program is panning out. Zipatso Academy management is, in turn, very satisfied with the performance of some of the students, with 3 of them finding their way into the top 4 list of best performers in their class. End of term one results show that Blessings Chongoza and Mark Chapita scooped first and second position, respectively. Selina Mphanga came fourth, while Promise Banda and Florence Masache ranked eleventh and thirteenth out of the thirty students in the class. The students have promised to work extra hard to either maintain or improve on their performances.     


November 2016

A music club has launched its activities at Zipatso Academy. The club’s patron, Mr. S Kanthiti, who is a teacher at the school, is very confident that the club will spread its roots at the school. He is happy with the response from the students so far and believes that more will follow. According to Mr Kanthiti, the club is aimed at exploiting the students’ various skills as music artists, including guitar and keyboard playing. At the moment, however, focus is on vocals. The music club is one of the many ways in which Zipatso Academy is striving to offer students career alternatives apart from what they can get from formal education.     


October 2016

After successfully staging Mwahuno, Zipatso Academy Drama Group has engaged itself in a new project. The new play, dubbed The King’s Pillow, is expected to be first performed during the Sports and Cultural day slated for 11th March, 2017 at the institution. The play, written and being directed by one of the teachers, Ms Manyengo, in conjunction with other teachers including two student teachers, seeks to portray life in ancient African kingdoms and how conflicts could be settled then. A prince from one kingdom is offered as a ransom to another kingdom. The prince becomes a loved servant in the new kingdom. The king in the new kingdom makes the prince an heir. The king dies, and the elders have to find a king’s pillow…someone to go with the king. The elders settle for the prince, the beloved servant-turned-heir.


June 2016

Five students have been awarded scholarships to study at Zipatso Academy. The five students, who emerged successful after writing specially designed aptitude tests which involved 128 students in total, will start their four year journey at the school on September 5, 2016. They include Mark Chapita, Blessings Chingoza and Selina Mphanga from Salima and Promise Banda and Florence Masache from Lilongwe. The scholarships include tuition fees, examination fees and school uniform. Several factors were taken into consideration in coming up with the successful candidates, the main ones being the students’ performance during the aptitude tests and their inability to raise and pay school fees.


June 2016

Zipatso Academy collaborated with Malawi’s theater heavy weight, Nanzikambe Arts, and a new Swiss based theater group, The Borders Theater, to successfully stage «Mwahuno», a play directed by Mbene Mwambene. The play, staged in all the major cities of Malawi, reflects Malawi’s political history from the colonial period to this date, via the one party regime of Dr. H Kamuzu Banda and the early stages of multiparty dispensation of Bakili Muluzi, Bingu wa Mutharika and Joyce Banda. «Mwahuno» is a Tumbuka word for «today».  Fourteen students from Zipatso Academy, plus one teacher, Miss S. Manyengo, took part in the play. 


March 2016

Zipatso Academy emerged winners of the first ever school sanitation and hygiene award in Malawi. The school has been voted the cleanest in Salima district in the on-going “My Clean School, My Pride” competition which is being run by the country’s First Lady Getrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) in conjunction with Independent Schools Association of Malawi. The school has now been put in a pool with fellow district winners who will now battle it out at regional level before the competition’s finale at national level. For emerging winners at district level, the school has received a dust bin and a certificate.


February 2016

As part of Social Responsibility, students from Zipatso Academy donated food items to some selected elderly at Mtonga village in Salima district. A total of ten (10) beneficiaries received packages of maize flour which is used to prepare the country’s staple food, nsima. On top the food packages, the students also donated some clothes and assorted items. The inclusion of maize flour was first of its kind and it came back on the heels of a widespread food crisis which has stricken the country. Speaking on behalf of her fellow students, Tadala Mindiera, a Form 4 student who is the school’s Head Prefect, said that the students made the donation as part of their Social Responsibility program and that she wished they had done more. Village Headman Mtonga commended the students for the gesture and appealed that they do the same to other people.


February 2016

Ninety four (94) students from Zipatso Academy went on an Education Visit to Malawi’s award winning and most listened to radio station, Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS). The visit was made to offer the students a platform for them to appreciate the process of Radio and TV production. The students had a chance to see, for the first time, the station’s studios and were accorded a chance to ask questions on cross-cutting issues. The feeling amongst most students after the trip was that of excitement because of the new experiences. 


February 2016

In one of those rare moments, Zipatso Academy welcomed a Swiss national, Christoph Geissler, into its teaching fold. Chris, as he is fondly called, comes from Bern, Switzerland, where he studied English and History before completing his studies at the Teacher’s Education College in the same city. He is expected to stay at Zipatso Academy for 5 months, teaching history, geography and English as part civil service that substitutes Switzerland’s mandatory military service. Chris has since blended perfectly with the Zipatso Community and has described the institution as »exemplary for the Malawi education system« which »provides students with discipline, the right attitude and a critical mind.«


October 2015

A giant leap towards quality education. That is the bottom line as 2015 candidates of both Malawi Junior Secondary Education (JCE) and Malawi Senior Certificate of Education (MSCE) registered 100% pass rates in their respective examinations. Oliver Yusuf tops the MSCE pass list with a record 10 points. Some of the MSCE candidates, including Oliver, were the pioneers of the institution.


October 2015

Two teachers from Zipatso Academy – Mr G Mwanyongo and Mr S Namatika – were accompanied by the school’s director, Mr H Dzinkambani, to Switzerland in August as part of an exchange programme between Zipatso Academy on one hand and Kantonsschule Trogen and Kantonsschule Büelrain on the other. In September, three teachers from the Swiss schools visited Zipatso. The programme is aimed at exchanging ideas on how best teachers from both countries can handle the teaching and learning process and is bound to continue in 2016 and beyond.


September 2015

As per tradition, Zipatso Academy students solicited various items and contributed cash towards first term’s social responsibility – a day in which the students show their commitment towards a giving spirit. The students cheered selected elders at Kambwiri village in Salima District.


June 2015

Lilongwe based Bambino Private Secondary School travelled all the way to Salima in order to play friendly games against Zipatso Academy. The two schools battled out in various games including volleyball, netball and football. By the end of the day, Bambino came out victorious in football beating their counterparts 5-4. Zipatso Academy, on the other hand, won in both volleyball and netball, claiming 3-2 and 34-4 victories, respectively.   


June 2015

Zipatso Academy students once again showed their benevolent selves when they donated assorted items worth over U$100 to the elderly of Mnima, a village located few kilometers from the institution. The items, which included basic necessities like soap, sugar, cooking oil, salt, petroleum jelly, packed relish, among others, were sourced and distributed by the students themselves. A total of fourteen (14) elderly people benefitted. Group Village Headman Mnima led the beneficiaries in expressing their gratitude to the students for the gesture. The students carry out occasional social responsibility activities every school term.


March 2015

Students at Zipatso Academy had a rare treat when they visited Kungoni cultural centre which was established and is being run by French-Canadian, Fr Claude Boucher. The education trip accorded the students a chance to appreciate differences in their own cultures. They had the feel of the Ngoni, Chewa and Yao tribes found in the central and southern parts of Malawi. Apart from appreciating aspects of culture, a topic under Social Studies, the students also had a chance to look at the history of these tribes.


January 2015

Zipatso Academy was painted red on March 7, 2015 as The Reds, one half of the student body, saw off The Greens in virtually all the sporting activities which took place on the sporting day. The school is divided into The Reds and The Greens and a fierce rivalry has developed over the years as students compete in various sports disciplines. The idea is to encourage a competitive spirit in the students. This term’s competitions saw The Reds become run-away winners as they claimed victories in Volleyball, Netball and Football. 


November 2014

A comprehensive arts programme has been drawn out at Zipatso Academy as part of the 2014/2015 academic year. The programme, laid down by Dominique Lämmli of FOA-FLUX in conjunction with South African renowned curator Nkule Mabaso, aims at providing standard art education at Zipatso Academy. Each student will be expected to undergo eight hours of arts education every month of the 2014/2015 academic year. A diverse package of art workshops in the fields of visual arts, theatre and sound experiments will be offered to students. The students will then be asked to document art courses on an online social media platform.


October 2014

Over 80 students from Zipatso Academy covered the 275 km distance between Salima and Blantyre to participate in a four-day arts festival dubbed “Kugwira Ntchito Limodzi” (loosely translated “Working Together”) organized by FOA-FLUX, Newcastle Creative Network and Nanzikambe Arts. The festival saw students actively take part in several art workshops in different fields including fine arts, performing arts and writing. The students also reached out to many Blantyre City residents through a big walk.


August 2014

After successfully implementing the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) curriculum since September 2011, Zipatso Academy has now rolled out the International Cambridge Curriculum. To ensure its success, the academy has started with Forms 1 and 2 of Cambridge Secondary 1. Subjects offered are English, Mathematics, Science and Computer Studies. In addition, the students are offered an extended curriculum in arts, music and sports. Plans are under way to introduce more subjects in the near future. The introduction of the Cambridge Curriculum is a long project that will see the phasing out of the MSCE curriculum.


July 2014

The 2014 Winter Camp, held between 21st – 25th July at Zipatso Academy, drew together several participants. Two football teams from Blantyre and two others from Salima (including Zipatso Academy FC) battled it out in a tournament that saw Zipatso Academy claiming the second spot. Apart from the football tournament, there were also music and theatre workshops for the students which saw them record and perform a song with guidance from a renowned local artist, Sally Nyundo. They also performed a play. The students capped a beautiful week with cultural performances.
In July every year, Zipatso Academy offers camps for arts, music and sports.


June 2014

A deafening applause greeted the newly constructed hall as seventeen-year-old Sarah Khisimis and fourteen-year-old Fred Kamwangala were being crowned Miss and Mr Zipatso, respectively, in a colorful event held on Saturday, 17th May 2014. The two will hold their positions for a year. Both Sarah (Form 3) and Fred (Form 2) wrestled out three other contestants to emerge winners in their respective contests.


May 2014

…as students and teachers get drilled in entrepreneurship skill

»I have always wanted to do business of my own. This is a great opportunity for me to be equipped with the necessary skills for realizing my dream. As you know, there are very few women who are successful in business... I want to be part of them. I want to rule men.« Meekness Zangazanga

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Spirit of Excellence

November 2013

18 year old Lemon Alifinali from Salima passed his MSCE with 13 points, the best result of all Zipatso Academy's students. Lemon wants to study medicine and specialize in surgery so that in future less people from Malawi must be sent outside the country for surgical treatment.


November 2013

Zipatso Academy is very proud to announce that out of 32 candidates who sat the exam 28 have passed. This represents a 88% passrate.
Congratulations to all the successful students and to the teaching staff!
List of Zipatso Academy's successful students


7th June 2013

Zipatso Academy is very proud to announce that all our 23 students who stood for the Junior Certificate Exams in June 2013 passed. This means a 100% passrate. Congratulations to all our students and our teaching staff for this excellent result.

List of Zipatso Academy's successful students

Double Hostel

18th May 2013

The school just completed constructing a double hostel for the girls. The building looks nice and elegant. It contains eight big rooms, and can accommodate up to 64 students. Currently there are five students in each room.


11th May 2013

Zipatso Academy invited a school from Lilongwe, called »Children of the Nation Academy« to play with them. The match took place at Zipatso Academy football ground. At the end of the 90 minutes, there was a draw. It was exciting to watch. »Children of the Nation« also brought two teams for Volleyball and Netball. Zipatso won 3 sets to 1, and 11 to 8 respectively.

Chemistry Laboratory

20th April 2013

The school has a well built chemistry and science laboratory, and the students like to have experiments in these two laboratories. The labs are nicely equipped.

Spirit of Excellence

11th October 2012

Sungeni Bowa, a Form Four student, was awarded over all best performing student at Zipatso Academy. Sungeni is 18 years old, likes singing, dancing, and playing football and wants to be a medical doctor specialized in brain surgery.

Second Year of school operation

September 2012

In September 2012 Zipatso Academy enrolled 85 students for the first term. Together with their teachers and the director they pose in front of the administration building for a photograph.

Spirit of Excellence

June 2012

Michael Mukoka, a Form One student at Zipatso Academy, was selected from among the best students in the district to represent the constituency in the National Parliament at Capital City in Lilongwe where he could present the salient problems faced by young people in the Salima area.

Social Responsibility day

25th May 2012

As one way of instilling a sense of service to humanity, Zipatso Academy students participated in a Social Responsibility Day. Students and teachers wore funny clothes and made donations for the benefit of the needy and elderly in the villages.

Social Day

1st May 2012

Students took a recreational trip to Lake Malawi, in order to ring the changes from their rigorous scholastic routine and to refresh their minds. Everyone enjoyed a fun-packed day, which included braai, beach soccer, volleyball, chess, and many other activities. It also gave the new students the opportunity to bond with older students and their peers.